Unsolicited Testimonials

"Amber, Thank you! This has been life changing!" -E.M.

"Dear Amber, Where do I begin?! First, thank you so much for your time, knowledge, and wisdom. Many life lessons learned. I will work hard to practice what I have learned. So grateful for all of it." -L.S.

"Amber, what an incredible experience this has been! Thank you for sharing your gifts, time, and wisdom. I got way more than I anticipated from this training. Thank you so much! K.R.

"Amber, Thank you so much time, energy, and teaching! This training was exactly what I was looking for and it exceeded my expectations. I am excited to continue on my yoga journey!" K.C.

"Amber, Wow, what a wild drive the last six months has been! I'm so happy to have you be the one the Universe chose to help me learn to enjoy the ride." D. P.

"Amber, Thank you for following your heart through your practice consistently, knowing and teaching to always return to love. You are an amazing teacher. Thank you for all the great instruction and wisdom." T.H.

"Amber, Thank you so much for holding a safe space and providing an opportunity for all of us to explore the depths of our true selves. Thank you for your wisdom, love, and understanding. A.T.

"Amber and Ellen are a pleasure to share your yoga journey with - and they will empower you to take the journey that's right for your body and mind. As an occupational therapist, I enjoyed having teachers who have insight into how yoga can be merged with other complementary and alternative medicines." C.K.

"It’s taken me a few days to even begin to sum up what this class and this community has done for me. Thank you Amber LaPointe, my wonderful teacher, you have made an imprint on my soul with your love and wisdom." A.T.

"Amber, Thank you for such an incredible journey. A lot of soul searching went into this training. I also want to thank you for our talks and for always being there to guide me. You are an inspiring teacher and leader! I hope you continue to do what you love, as it truly does have an impact on others." -J.G.

"Amber, It is hard to put into words what this journey has meant to me or the impact it will continue to have on the rest of my life. You have inspired me to heal my mind and body and your teachings have helped give me the tools to be the endless "refiller" of my own cup. Thank you for everything." -C.K.

"Amber, Thank you for guiding me on this amazing journey of transformation. I am forever grateful and hold so much space and love in my heart for you and the women you brought together. Sending you the brightest of light." T.B.

"Wow, I have a lack of words for how I really feel. I knew when I talked to you on the phone I was looking for a mind connection and I knew it'd be heavy, but never imagined just how much this [training] would change my life. This [training] was the most inspiring, beautiful, safe, and pushing space I’ve ever encountered. This space allowed me to learn, grow, expand, allow, except, and learn to be, with no judgment and with a lot of compassion. It feels like the best gift I could ever receive. It has eased my mind, body, and has irreversibly changed me. Thank you for creating such a light, fun, safe, welcoming yoga studio and healing space. You are changing the world, truly, one human at a time." -J.K.

"The life experience I gained while going through the Yana Yoga 200 HR program was profound and life changing. I learned so much about myself, my personal practice, the history of yoga, what it takes to be a qualified and professional yoga teacher, as well as having a new standard on my own mat. The hands on training and dedication of the teachers is what really made me choose Yana. Take that next step to find out who you are and what yoga is really about. You'll walk away with a new level of inner knowing, peace, confidence, and a new community of support behind you. It’s more than worth it!" -A.C.

"Amber, Thank you so much for guiding me along this path. I appreciate all your hard work and all you have done to make this work during this extraordinary time (Covid). You persevered and kept us motivated. My practice has become so much more meaningful as a result. I am grateful for your time, teaching, and endurance. -A.M.

"Amber, Thank you so much for everything this year. Your love, kindness, and support got me through a very difficult time. I am so grateful the Universe brought me to you, it's been life changing." -C.R.

"Amber, Thank you so much for guiding me through this experience. I cannot imagine going through this training anywhere else. It truly was amazing. You undoubtedly opened my eyes to the joys of practicing and teaching yoga. Until now, I was completely lost, wandering through life trying to find a purpose to all my setbacks and achievements. I am no longer lost. Although I still have a ways to go, I at least know where I should be headed, thanks to you. Someone once told me when you find your passion you won’t have time to doubt yourself, and I finally see that. Thank you for everything your teachings will follow me throughout my life." -Z.O.

This is a very rewarding program that builds confidence and fosters passion. All of the teachers are supportive and filled with endless knowledge. -K.M.

Amber is highly competent in her approach to teaching asana, breath techniques, and yoga philosophy. Amber and her teachers provided an atmosphere of allowing self expression and camaraderie among the students in our teacher training. - B.L.