At Radiant Being Yoga School we honor every student’s unique path. We strive to cultivate what is in the essential nature of every individual, so that they feel ready to express yoga in the world in their own way.

We see ourselves as guides, who share freely of the knowledge we have acquired, and we see students as their own best teachers. To that end, we are dedicated to a school that is authentic, supportive and full of integrity. We encourage students to savor their practices. We know that enjoyment is central to the benefits of yoga and meditation, and we encourage students to shamelessly enjoy their practices and their lives.

We are committed to sharing the wisdom of yoga in a nurturing atmosphere in order to bring greater health, happiness and well being into the lives of those in our community. We strive to impart this knowledge in the spirit of healing, love, transformation, and service. We share a vision of higher states of consciousness and embrace the path of self-realization.


"Amber and Ellen are a pleasure to share your yoga journey with - they will empower you to take the journey that's right for your body and mind. As an occupational therapist, I enjoyed having teachers who have insight into how yoga can be merged with other complementary and alternative medicines." C.K. 

Amber LaPointe (on right in photo)

E-RYT 500,  B.S. in Business & Marketing, Founder of Yana Yoga, Founder & Co-Owner of Radiant Being Yoga School, and Owner of Northeast Yoga Adventures

Amber has been teaching yoga to all levels for 15+ years and has nearly 8,000 hours of experience teaching yoga classes, teacher trainings, workshops, and retreats. In her teaching, she likes to keep things light and fun, accessible to all, and strongly encourages participants to listen to their body, to find a balance between effort and ease, and to breathe... can't do a pose? Just breathe.

"I want people to understand that all bodies have limitations and anyone really can do yoga, they just need the right teacher and the right class for their body. I work to help my students integrate the mind, body, and breath in a way that leaves them feeling calm, yet strong and renewed. I feel honored to be able guide people on their yoga journey and look forward to joining you on yours. If everyone took time to deepen their yoga practice, to learn more about the whole of yoga, the world would be a better place. So, I encourage you to take this journey for yourself and for everyone around you... to Brighten Your Light (tm) and become a more RADIANT BEING, radiating more light, love, and goodness into the world. The world is calling us to do so."

Ellen Dragonette (on left in photo)

E-RYT 500, Reiki Master Teacher, M.S. Ed., and Co-Owner of Radiant Being Yoga School

An educator by nature and by training, Ellen has a BS in Education and an MS in Educational Psychology.  She has been practicing yoga for more than 23 years, teaching classes for over 13 years, and is an E-RYT 500. Ellen has more than 5,000 hours of experience teaching group and private yoga classes, children’s yoga, specialty classes, workshops, retreats and teacher trainings. She completed her 200-hour yoga training with Lauren Toolin through Old Common Yoga School (now Yoga Vidya) and her 300-hour training with Jennilee Toner through the Inner Sanctum Yoga School. She has studied Yin Yoga with internationally renowned instructor Josh Summers and completed extensive coursework in Experiential Anatomy with Judith Hansen Lasater. Ellen also has training in Chinese Medicine & Yoga, Yoga for Cancer Recovery, Restorative Yoga, is a Karma Kids Children’s Yoga instructor, and a Certified Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher. 

“My training was Iyengar based, so alignment is a key factor, but my classes are pretty eclectic. They always include pranayama, asana, relaxation and meditation, and we explore them in a variety of ways through the teachings of many different traditions. And, since my personal yoga journey has brought me so much joy and taught me the very important lesson of not taking myself too seriously, there’s often laughter, and sometimes downright silliness in my classes; but just as often there are moments of deep silence, contemplation and connection.”

“One of my favorite quotes from Lao Tzu is “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” Yoga is such a wonderful vehicle for that journey. I encourage my students to listen to their bodies, hearts and minds and ask them to question, explore and move beyond their comfort zone. My role is to support their practice in whatever way I can, and I am truly honored and privileged to share their journeys. I honestly can’t imagine doing anything else.”